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Producing ideas with the newest technology

At the HACO Group, the innovative spirit has a long tradition and as a result, its technological know-how has always grown. Since the beginning, HACO has always explored new horizons. Find out with which technological know-how the Haco Group can support your start-up in the future. 

Extraction Technologies

Since 1945, HACO has been a pioneer in coffee extraction and the production of soluble coffee. Today, the HACO Group is still at the leading edge of this technology. A simple principle meets a highly sophisticated technology - at the heart of this process are our extractors, which are used to obtain coffee and tea extracts.


In the extraordinarily dynamic snacks environment, technologies evolve with every project: soft bar, baked bar, oat bar, extruded bar and bites technologies, enhanced with one of the many chocolates or couvertures and other ingredients, are just the beginning. Once the snack has been produced, it is packaged in one of the many possible sales-boosting primary and point-of-sale packaging options, which is crucial to its success.

Blending Technologies

The right mix is also a feast for the eyes: to ensure that our finished or semi-finished products are pleasing not only to the palate but also to the eye, we rely on a mixing process in which aspects such as homogeneity, structure retention and pourability play a central role. This includes wet mixing processes, for example for the production of bouillons, breakfast drinks or snacks, as well as dry mixing processes for the production of soups, sauces, ready meals, seasoning mixes, lattes and dessert products.


In today's world, customers expect an ever higher degree of convenience in culinary products. They should be of high quality and appear “as if homemade”. This trend can be observed in the retail trade as well as in the gastronomy. In the fresh food sector too, the HACO Group relies on high-quality raw materials, safe processing techniques, culinary excellence and creativity in the development of soups, hot and cold sauces, dips, dressings, mustards, etc.


We use a wide range of drying techniques for drying food products. In spray drying, for example, coffee is finely atomized in spray towers in a stream of warm air and dried into soluble instant products. Freeze-drying is a particularly gentle process for aromatic substances. In this process, extracts are frozen into a thin layer at minus 40°C, granulated and then sublimated.


Vacuum belt drying for breakfast beverages containing malt and industrial semi-finished products such as seasonings or natural extracts is similarly gentle. In this process, pasty mixtures are foamed in a vacuum and carefully dried at low temperatures with the addition of heat.

Which idea may we realize for you?

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