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Das HACO Innovation Lab beim Degustieren


Innovations in the food market respond to evolving consumer needs - it's often about lifestyle, experiences and wellbeing. We are increasingly focusing on more than just direct consumer needs. Among other things, we also devote ourselves to innovations that lead to greater sustainability in the use of raw materials, enable optimization in the supply chain, or we analyze new resource-saving technologies in an attempt to solve the challenges facing our society and future generations. This is where we - the Haco Innovation Lab (H!L) - strive to contribute.

HACO innovation lab

The HACO Innovation Lab (H!L) is a team of food engineers and marketeers who work independently from the daily business of the HACO Group. The team works on new supply forms, technologies, supply chain solutions and marketing strategies.

Haco Innovation Lab beim Degustieren von oben
Custome Made Spices

r&D + manufacturing

The HACO Group, a family-owned group of companies in the food industry, offers a total package of services for the realization of your food innovations. At the Haco Innovation Lab (H!L) we can give you advice on how your idea can be realized at one or more companies of the HACO Group. 


The HACO Innovation Lab (H!L) is part of the Haco Innovation Foundation (InHa). InHa is always interested in new concepts, technologies and trends in the field of food technology / food ingredients. If you are part of an innovative start-up and looking for cooperation in different dimensions, we are happy to hear from you.  


Which idea may we realize for you?

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. 

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