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Together great things can happen

As HACO Innovation Lab (H!L) we are always interested in new concepts and technologies. Are you part of an innovative start-up in the field of food technology / food ingredients or do you have a novel product concept that you would like to take further with a partner in development, implementation and/or marketing? In addition to our expertise, we also have the opportunity to financially support promising start-ups with the HACO Innovation Foundation. We would be happy to hear from you.

start-up Collaborations

As HACO Innovation Lab (H!L), we are happy to cooperate with innovative food & and ingredient tech start-ups like you to help you be successful. Through the comprehensive process know-how of the Haco Group, we can support you as a start-up in industrial scaling, process setup or quality assurance. Whether proof of concept, partnerships or scale-up support, the collaboration can be versatile and depends fully on the needs of your start-up. 

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As the Haco Innovation Lab (H!L), we analyze global trends and explore the constantly and rapidly changing nutrition landscape. At H!L, we investigate questions like: What & how will we eat in the future? How can we ensure a sustainable and ethical food supply? and many more. 

As a result, at H!L we are validating new ideas on an ongoing basis, developing and testing new business models or founding our own start-ups.


With the HACO Innovation Foundation we have the possibility to financially support promising start-ups. We focus on strategic financing in the context of a collaboration and not on risk financing. Contact us if you think the HACO Innovation Foundation can support your start-up in shaping your future.

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